Thank You Xbox One

Hi! i've had my Xbox One for a little over a month now and loving it so far, no problems to speak of and everything is running smoothly.  I stopped playing my 360 over a year ago and started afresh on the One with a new GT.

I spent a lot of time weighing up the pros and cons between X1 and PS4, finally made the decision to stay in the green corner and I've not been disappointed. Picked up Forza with my shiny new console and I've been enjoying it way more than I thought I would as I'm not really into racing games or very good at them it seems. Then Titanfall dropped from the heavens and I was blown away, I've not enjoyed a FPS this much since I played the first Modern Warfare several years ago. 

Was mainly a FIFA player before but the frustrations it presented at every turn became to much and it crushed my will to pick up a controller. I may well get FIFA15  but I have promised myself I will try a much more varied diet of pixelated gaming goodness for this new generation. Despite my lack of skill at both Forza and Titanfall it's been a long time since I enjoyed gaming this much, so I thank you Xbox One and congratulate you on your accomplishment so far.

A couple of questions for those that know, I downloaded the Lego Marvel demo which I've uninstalled but it still appears on my console in the ready to install section, can this be removed ?

My next question, I would like a more story based game for my next purchase value for money wise what would be better Ryse, Tomb Raider or Dead Rising 3 ? What I'm after really is feedback good or bad as I can't get enough zombies,  Ryse looks stunning and Tomb Raider was always a favourite on the original PS.


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Regarding the lego demo tile,it can't be removed as far as i know.

Games wise:Ryse is brilliant but short,Tomb Raider is another great game but i'd wait for a price drop.

Out of the 3 i'd say Dead Rising 3 would give you the most value for money in my opinion,great fun,especially in co-op & pleny to do & find in the game.

Thief isn't a bad game either... Not as visually impressive as Tomb Raider or Ryse though.

It's also not long til Watchdogs is out if you can hold off buying something for a few weeks.

As old Bald Badger said, Dead Rising 3 will last you the longest no doubt as there's loads to do even after you complete the main game, collectibles etc, fantastic in co-op.

Tomb Raider is another fantastic game and one of a few games that even after I finished the story I went back and hunted for the collectibles.

Out of the 3 though Ryse is still my personal favourite, very short game but stunning campaign in my opinion and well worth playing through again and if you know someone else with the game the co-op arena is brilliant, I've put in around 50 hours on that.

Either one of the 3 I don't think you would be disappointed with though.

Oi,who's bald?

^ lol, only what I've been told ;-p

"Ryse" is a shorter game but if you tend to game for fun in your spare time it then it's a decent length and a great experience.

Also if you enjoy this type of game it's not over after your first playthrough.

You'll revisit it on harder difficulties and it will take you a very long time to get to level 100 in the Arena.

Hey there Sakuraba :)

All the above advice is excellent. My personal preference out of the above would either be Dead Rising 3 or Tomb Raider. Both of these have fantastic game length and there is a lot of replayability and side quests. Ryse is stunning but short however there is a fair bit to do in that too. If I had to pick one, I would say Dead Rising 3.

@ Daft Badger thanks for the answer regarding the Lego demo, have done a bit of research on the web and it appears you are correct. Doesn't really bother me just thought I was missing something obvious after uninstalling it.

@ Everyone who has replied thanks for the helpful advice. I think I'm going to pick up Dead Rising 3 and wait on Tomb Raider and Ryse to drop in price.

It's awesome that you're having such a positive experience with your new console.

The Lego tile cannot be removed. The 'ready to install' portion is equivalent to your 'purchase history' on 360. It contains a list of everything you've purchased and downloaded. You most definitely want that sticking around if it's ever something you paid for.

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Ah that explanation on the demo makes sense, more so than what I'd found so far.

Wonder if there will be an option to hide this introduced at some point as I would imagine as more and more demos etc become available it may start to look a little cluttered. Probably won't be to much of a problem for me though as I'm still old school and like to have a physical copy of what I've just spent my hard earned on. If anything takes my fancy and it's digital download only I shall certainly see about snaping it up.

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