Test Drive Unlimited 2

Just before I start I would just like to say... The new forums suck so much. They are complicated and I cant find the Pre-set TDU2 forum discussion like there was for each game in the old ones.


Anyway, Where is this DLC Atari promised us? Have they fixed the game? No. Will they ever? probably not. Roulette still doesnt work in casino, my ingame friends list is still empty. It is still buggy. Dont buy this crap.




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I think the boat's already left the harbour on this one.

Sound advice all the same.........

I saw a thread on here somewhere that Atari laid off a lot of the staff who were working on the free DLC. Yeah, im annoyed Roulette doesnt work and how buggy the game is generally

Atari did lay off quite a bit of staff from what I can tell so the free DLC may never appear. I lost all faith in this game quite some time ago. Why I still have it... I have no idea. I might sell it quite soon though because I've waited long enough in the hope of this game being fixed, and I don't want to wait any longer.

the game has run its course now and i dont see any DLC making it to market ever.

and i agree with the OP the new forums suck, dont know why they changed it all

some things have been fixed in tdu 2 frends list works but no new dlc in three moths why  ?

Oh I had thought about getting this - may not now...

Hey mate, I Purchased this game on the first day of its release. Been unbelievably annoyed with it since! I was a massive fan of the first one and looked forward to this game. I even pursuaded a few people I knew to buy it, which they eventually returned due to the amount of "pure frustration" the game caused. I have retained the game and my honest, objective, advice to you is this,  The game had alot of potential. However, it hasnt been fulfilled in anyway, by either atari or eden! reframe from purchassing it for a few more weeks. Atleast until the Exploration dlc has been released. Even then give it a while. I say this as, the game has been out since february 2011, its now June 2011. 4 months and it still hasnt been fixed. You will still hit invisible objects that are virtually in the middle of the road when you go over 150 miles and hour. This will cause your car to stop dead in its tracks or, cause your car to veer uncontrolably into either another car or into a tree. Inevitably allowing all to pass you, laughing their ***`s off at your misfortune untill it happens to them maybe a mile down the road. and this is just the core element, the main element being the Multiplayer, is no better. Online functionality is ok now to say at best. It was horrendous till about a month ago. You will still find yourself unable to join online racing matches, club games, police chases or rooms at the casino. people you encounter in free roam, that your driving with may still dissapear! you may even be put on your own until the server decides to actually allow you to be matched with people!

However, the most startling part in all this is the actual developer company itself. Eden games has virtually ceased all contact with its customers. They will not respond to anyones questions and pleas on their forums. Have released no new news on when the next updates will be, to fix the games flaws, (which there are alot more, I just cant be bothered mentioning). leaving the online forums just a venting site full of negative posts and angry customers. Furthermore, Atari, have now decided to lay off alot of eden games employers, resulting in less people to work on this game and make it better.

The game itself was a disaster, half a game maybe. Not worth £45 by any chance. I think you will find, if you ask anyone who has the game about it, that they will say negative things. Therefore, I suggest if your serious about purchasing, check the online forums over at TDU2.com and the reviews on Youtube first.

p.s.Thats not to say Its a completely bad game, it still has some very fun aspects like collecting exotic cars and online cruising and showing off. However, your best bet would be to wait. If the issues are fixed in the upcoming free dlc. Then the game will be great and definately worth buying, just have to wait till dlc is released. (dlc was announced in march, Pc got it in april I think. Consoles ???)

Hope this helped!

This was posted on the TDU2 Forum yesterday by a Atari administrator, looks ike we will get it soon.


Hey everyone! First things first, we want to confirm that the DLC1 Exploration Pack is absolutely still coming! Many apologies for it taking so long but we want to ensure you guys will get a great product. The team up at Eden is working around the clock and still 100% committed to continuing to support the game and the community with ongoing bug fixes, more DLC and continued maintenance of the online services to give you guys the best possible experience online in Test Drive Unlimited 2.


I'm looking forwards to seeing motorbikes.

@ Xanyleon, yeah im looking forward to them too, i hope they arnt a let down, of course if they do continue the dlc

past the free DLC 1

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