Plz release terraria we all know its in submission now why not accept it why you delaying it Microsoft ppl might use their money on something else rather then wait 3 years for something to come out

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I just told everyone thanks for teaching me patience plz read recent replies before you continue to be mad at me

I'm sorry I just had to come back to see how this thread was going, Ash you clearly do not play very much games if you do not understand the concept of an end-game glitch.  an end-game glitch does not occur when someone is at the end of the game, an end-game glitch is a game-breaking glitch (such as duplications etc.) THAT RUINS the game.  When crossing a pc game to a console game a LOT of information needs to be translated into a new, proper coding.  This takes more time and effort for it to be finished.  Terraria for the xbox is NOT complete, it won't be complete until sometime AFTER the release, just as minecraft was.  stop being stupid and wait patiently.

No you cant delete a thread.

Well anyways thx for teaching me patience but i would just like to know does it come out this march or sometime early April because my friend said it can take 2 months for certification + I watch yogscast from time to time I guess I'll play terraria on steam till it comes out and is there a way I can delete my thread or something

Terraria is epic! All of its oohy gooie goodness plus more is uber exciting to say the least, I think the 19th of march is prolly closer to the actual launch date though, I don't think we will be left waiting til the 27th

Awwwwwwww, gotta love one line responses, shows a layer of depth and intelligence only found in the internet era,


go back to your first post there guypal extrodinare, your letting a multi billion dollar company that they might lose money because of a bad release strategy?? I think they know just a teeny bit more fiscal strategy and planning then you picked up in the stock market episode of saved by the bell.

So, yes, while you never said "or else" if its not suppose to be a ominous tone, then ehhh, you meant it perhaps as sage like and wise??


Wow, just wow, so either I have no respect for you, or it just somehow managed to drop below less then, which is amazing! Eagerly awaiting your next bit of inane dribble Hoss, tag

Acctually I enjoy terraria I purchased it on steam whilst it was still in beta when the yogscast done a few videos of it on youtube. I have points saved for it also however im patient and know that the certification process can take 2 weeks. If its in certification now the 27th would be a reasonable release date

Awe thx you really motivate me seriously thx o and I'm pretty sure in my posts I never said OR ELSE lols

/clears throat

one definition

to fish (for) by trolling or

to fish for a reaction, by using any means, usually though negative in origin.


your original post

"Plz release terraria we all know its in submission now why not accept it why you delaying it Microsoft ppl might use their money on something else rather then wait 3 years for something to come out

a threat, indirect or otherwise, I suspect at this point you felt pretty gosh darn proud of yourself, thought millions would rally behind you, filling in message after message demanding the release, OR ELSE!!!!!

and then the second

"th you talking about there is no end game no end credits or anything and of course you must be a troll trying to yell at innocent people I'm serious 505 says late February early march not 27th of march, that's late march obviously you don't do your research

just because in your opinion there isnt a "END" game, most of the rest of us fans would disagree, there is clearly a point when youve checked off everything there is to do really, and instead you return to antitrolling little kids on xboxlive.

and then you go onto "you obviously dont do your research" research??? so uh, you went to a few internet pages with suspected dates, maybe the terrariaoffical twitter? or the forums.? what research have you undug there good sir, 505 is no longer in control of the release date, they will know what it is as soon as microsoft TELLS them what it is, it is offically out of there hands, why not try doing some research?

"uh huh yeah I never said anything about me and my microsoft points of course im saving mine for terraria if you havent read the thread then mine your own business oh and here dictionary.reference.com/.../troll search up the word troll before you start calling someone that btw all im trying to say is I would like the game to come out before the 27th cause im pretty sure 505 said that was just a filler"

the only actual part of your many rants that really rings any truth, that 505 said that the 27th was just a filler date. Good for you child, you can read.

"actually nobody actually knows yet but if you guys are gonna sit here all day and say things like this just go get a life yes I see your guys gamer score rating from 50k to 100k i mean seriously you guys yelling at me im serious get a life im not being mean im just curious about the date of the game when games get released there is no certification its just release and play and you say be patient well I am I just wanna know the release and you are yelling at me cause you guys think minecraft is beast and everything else is a rip[ off of it well why why is it a rip off of minecraft?"

100k = no life? really, Ive been gaming since before your parents new how to flirt kid, the first 100k came as naturally as breathing, the next 200k will as well, but its not a indication of a lack of a life, instead a hobby i just happen to enjoy. Love when gamers judge gamers, :)  And for the love of...... Everything is a ripoff of pong, after that it becomes a blur, but no one said anything about minecraft shy of me, and in no way did I compare it to terraria, try reading child, its an amazing gift you clearly skim over

to end this, come at me, Ill be here, forever really as long as I can keep making you look sheepish and foolish man, Ill give up 10k of gamerscore time just to do it. So Ill be here waiting, finish up your homework, take the trash out, do your chores, and ask mommy if you can get back on the computer to respond to the big bad troll.

Your biggest fan


Ive been earning achievements for 7 years not really that high of a score. I dont play games for them I play games for fun.

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