Tembo the *** Elephant

I downloaded the 15 min free trial but all I've seen so far is Tembo spinning in the corner of the screen, nothing actually happening!!

I've tried reinstalling and resetting my Xbox but still no joy :(


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This happened to me too; I just restarted the game. ;)

I tried restarting but still same thing happened !

I watched gameplay videos, liked what I saw and bought it when it came out.

Apart from the music seemed a little quieter than I expected... it's a great side scrolling platformer.

It's a bit like "Sonic the Hedgehog" meets "Angry Birds" (but the first Angry Birds when it was still fun).

Clever level design.  Great humour.  Great game mechanics.

I'm sure the trial will get fixed.  Probably worth logging it with Support as well as mentioning it here.

Trial worked fine for me it was a longer than normal load time maybe you're just quitting too fast

Oh yeah, the initial load does seem to take a little longer than you expect even on the full game.

Lol maybe it is that I thought I waited a while but I'll try again!

Haha seems that was the problem I was a little impatient !! Managed to complete the tutorial then played about 2 seconds of the game before my trial ran out .... Only going from what I saw I won't be forking out £10 for it !

You can get it for about £8.00 with the Gold Discount.

Great platformer.  Check out some Gameplay vids... but ad the end of the day if it's not for you... fair play.