TellTale Game of thrones episode 4 help possible spoilers

Can't get past the part in 2nd chapter when you're escaping from the wall I always get killed under the wagon can't think of what I'm doing wrong probably tried at least 25 times


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Is it the bit with the guard? You have to stay out of sight. Follow the onscreen QTE's and then crawl under the wagon. Have to get to the other side then the cinematics continue methinks.

FYI for any interested. Telltale announced the release date for GoT Episode 6, the finale, is November 17.

Yea I get under the wagon can't get to other side it lets me crawl a bit but no matter my timing I always die about ready to quit

I can hardly remember it. Don't you just time your crawl as the feet of the guard go by? So like his feet will go by the wheel and you crawl forward, and as he circles the wagon, you move out on the opposite side?

Think so maybe my game is glitches but I can't seem to do it

I just Googled for a let's play. Here's a video of some dude doing it. [clicky]