Tell the community which xbox 360 games are your fav/want/intrigued & why.

Saint's Row the third (3) - 18th of November 2011

I became a fan of saint's row after being disappointed with GTA, my fave part of saints row was the car modding and saint's row even though based on the GTA template did things a lil different and is a big success for the developer.


Tropico 4 - September 30th

I Love god sims like the sims and sim city, constructor et al so when Tropico 3 came about exclusive for the xbox 360 console i was hooked and now Tropico 4 is just around the corner.


BioShock Infinite - 6th of June 2012

Love BioShock, don't know why maybe the setting of Rapture, I've always been intrigued by underwater cities in sci-fi and real life so BioShock Infinite set in the clouds should be spetacular.


Modern Warfare 3 - November 8th

Enjoyed MW2 which was my first Call of Duty and Black Ops was just a stepping stone for me with anticipation for MW3. Black ops was just too slow in the pacing compared to mw2 and the action was boring. Roll on November.


Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - 25th of November 2011

I enjoyed the first on psx.. still the best and yet to be beaten imo. It be great to play them again [The collection].


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Tropico is a definite purchace but Ill wait until it's cheaper.

Dead Island could make a nice cross-over with Tropico. You build up your sunny island, then have to escape a zombie horde you unleashed.


Oblivion made me do a *** wee. Hoping for more of the same :D

F1 2011 - Forza 4 - WRC 2011 - Because I'm a massive fan of racing games and have loved previous versions of these games!



Battlefield 3 - To me it looks absolutely stunning and I've not enjoyed any other online shooter as much as I have in previous games so I'm hoping for more of the same!



Skyrim - RPG fans will know exactly why I want this lol.



Loads of other games I'm looking forward to this year inlcuding Batman, Assassins Creed, RAGE, probably too many to list!

F1 2011, Forza because I love my racing!!

BF3 - best shooter for my style of play

Batman- because it's Batman!!!!!

Edit: forgot Trials Evolution - awesomeness expected lol

Forza 4 - Because like Marnally I love racing games.

Rage -  Looks like it's gng to be great

BF3 - I love BFBC2 and this looks brilliant, I mean Jets, Helicopters and tanks.. I'll even put up with the bush wookies fro this.

Batman - Loved the last one I expect this one to be at least as good.

Street fighter X tekken.

Guardian heroes

Radiant silvergun

Street Fighter x Tekken - March 2012

I am already a big fan of Street Fighter, slowly I am getting to know and love the Tekken franchise so combining the two games would be a win win situation for me.  I have been following the news for this game quite closely and I can not wait for it to arrive.  Hope to see what Namco are doing on their side soon.


Battlefield 3 - October 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed the SP for BFBC2, the MP was okay but I arrived late into the game so I felt overwhelmed by other players.  I'm hoping for another quality SP and to be able to get to grips with the MP this time around.


Assasins Creed: Revelations - November 2011

The previous three games have been very enjoyable and I am itching to see where the story leads on from here.

Asura's Wrath - 2012 (I think)

From what has been shown of this game it looks like it is going to be amazing,