I have spent a lot of money on this game as it WAS a good game.I have slow internet and this was one game that suited my connection but every update they have done has made it more difficult to play,is it me or is this wrong ? Now they have introduced xbox one onto the same servers and quite frankly this seems to be a ploy to get people to buy an xbox one.There seems to be a problem for 360 players when up against xbox one players as they seem to have a advantage and even though u know this u cant avoid them this is wrong and if this is the case surely illegal trying these tactics to sell new consoles!! Whilst im ranting am I the only one that thinks as xbox have changed the game so radicly as to the point that its no longer enjoyable surely they should be liable to refund moneys spent on the game as it was a different game that was good and they have ruined it with too many updates ?? If I could get my money back I would gladly remove tanks from my hard drive never to be played again and I will not be forced to spend a fortune on a new console just to get my game back its just not right!! Rant over.


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