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I've just bought this from Games on Demand, but have a question or two (no Games manual with the GoD version and the tutorials are pretty weak in game).

a) Is it possible to switch which character I control mid battle? So say switch from Yuri to Estelle? Is it even possible to switch out of battle so I control someone different for the next battle, or am I always Yuri and the other characters are AI partners?

b) What does the Grade rating do at the end of battles? Does it have any bearing on the game whatsoever, or just a little "this is how well you did" thing.

c) Any general tips from the combat? It's very, very different from any JRPG I've ever played combat wise. I thought it was turn based when I bought it, but obviously its not...


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i brought this the other day as well and i think if you press Y when you walking around you can swith around the party. im not sure as i havent done it my self yet  however quite different to what im used to so id  like some tips to



Theres the manual for you in English.


PDF file.

Cheers for the manual.

Another question that neither the manual or the ingame tutorial really helped with :

I've now got a weapon with ARTE's built into it. The first one for Yuri, "backstep". I've filled the bar on the weapon screen, but I've no idea how to select that Arte to a shortcut so it can be used in battle.

Basically the weapon skills you get are skills you can set that alter either abilities, movement.. defense abilities. If you go to the menu you can set your 'skills' by highlighting them. You will have a limited amount of skill points to spend which increase as you level up. There are quite a few things that you can customize that way, as you'll end up learning over a hundred if you get every weapon. I have to agree with this though, no manual made it hard for me to get started when I got the game. I didn't even figure out about how weapon skills worked till I nearly finished the main story.

thanks for the manual bud!

NP dude.

Thankyou Arvid.

Can you describe how to find this menu section? It's exactly what I'm looking for, but I've not found it yet.

I also found out the purpose of "grade". For those that don't know but want too, its an accumulated currency. You can spend it when you finish the game on certain things so you can take stuff over to your next playthrough. So, get as much as you can!

There's an item you can make that lets you switch characters during a battle by bringing up the menu and pressing start. It's called moon selector. It's been ages since I played the game though so I can't remember when exactly you get the ability to create items.

If this is your first Tales game I recommend just sticking with Yuri as he's the easiest to play as. Later on you'll get skills that increase your maximum combo so you can hit more times with B. Tilting the stick and pressing B lets you do different attacks and attacking while in free movement mode changes your target to the enemy you attacked instead of using the bumpers.

There are 5 different types of arte. Base arte, Arcane arte, Altered arte, Burst arte and Mystic arte. The general rule is that they can be chained from base to mystic although you need to be in level 3 or 4 over limit to use a mystic arte.

Altered artes are basically just arcane artes that have been changed by a certain skill you've equipped. I think a skill will say in the description if it changes an arte or not. Burst artes are done by holding the artes button while in over limit after doing an arcane or altered arte although you don't get access to them until later in the game. Burst artes can also be changed by skills for example equipping great deluge and dispersion changes Divine Wolf into Divine Wolf Flood and it does water damage.

Also I think backstep is don by pressing back and X but you need to equip it first.