Taking snapshots in game?

Is this a feature in the system?? I cannot find it all i can do is "xbox record that" and get video clips... Is their a "xbox take screenshot" option? or a button press or anything ?


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Is this stated anywhere? Has Microsoft adressed it as a TBD thing? possible in the future? any news ?

Now ready, double tap on xbox button and press Y

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OK guys I want to know exactly the same thing i.e. why can't I take a snapshot and I tried what N0v4Ch4Rs0n suggested but no luck, it didn't work. Am I to assume that it's a region thing. I am in UK.

This is an old thread, its bad etiquette to resurrect old threads you'd be better starting a new one.

you can certainly do it, but you have to be in the game when you double tap the xbox button, the options is then at the top of the screen, under the record option.

@ ROGUE RAZEAL, Actually it could be the game. Some games won't let you take a screenshot or record a video clip. I found this out when I got Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live. I'll just let those be my examples. Anyways, just thought I'd throw that out there.