Take Games for Windows Marketplace away but PLEASE! leave PC gaming alone.

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I don't really care about merging with xbox.com because the GFWL store is WAY! Too expensive, the problem I have is everything I read so far about Microsoft's plans for "supporting" the PC platform appears to be towards introducing Xbox live into the Windows platform which is something I really don't want to see. The idea of the PC platform is that we are free from limitation, having something like Xbox live enforced onto PC users is a terrible idea because rather than trying to encourage people to use your service by making it work well --something Microsoft have failed to do so far-- you end up doing things like putting it into the a so called important Windows update or including it in the next version of Windows,  if this is the case it will get the same treatment that Internet Explorer gets --using it only to download Firefox--. At the end of the day even if Microsoft do go down that route it won't be long till guides are posted all over the internet on how to remove it because this is the PC and we are free some silly limitations enforced by console firmware.



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'Xbox' Live is already on the PC in the form of Games for Windows Live, it connects to the same service as the Xbox 360 does.


All they are doing with Windows 8 is rebranding the service as 'Xbox Live' for the PC and making it part of the operating system, just as they have done with their phones.


You wont be forced to use it if you don't wish to.

Microsoft using their well known service in more of their products......hmmm. This kind of short sightedness reminds me of the ludicrous European law suit that made MS give people a choice of browsers in Windows then just IE which was always the case. Just because its included doesnt mean you have to use it, if MS had made it impossible to use any other service with their software then you might have a case...but it being there doesnt make it the only choice available

Look GWL isn't even going away really, they are just merging the store and forums to one site.  In fact the Windows Phone lives here too.  So all gaming services is under the one Direct X box brand.

Direct X for PC, Xbox for Console and Mango for Phone.  

One word ..... 'Steam'


My work here is done

I loathe Steam and how they've gotten people to accept their DRM with a happy grin.

Loathe it or not it's a far better option than Xbox Live on your PC. Make use of ANY service and there will be restrictions imposed, that's a given. At least Steam caters to the PC gamer without trying to nickle and dime them at every turn


Regular sales where you're able to buy games for pennies (there's one on at the moment), game updates on a regular basis unlike GFW where the publisher is limited to one or two free updates pending the usual rigorous checks (the reason why a lot of GFW titles never get updated more than twice as they have to pay after that)


Not to mention Team Fortress 2 is totally free to play now. If you use an MS operating system on your PC then you're pretty much in DRM city anyway ....  

Sa'll about the branding! Arguably Xbox is the best brand they have.

I can't see this happening again. About 3 years ago Microsoft required users to have Xbox Live Gold to play GFWL games online. But then scrapped that because PC gamers would not pay for gold so Microsoft changed it.