System/game hacker located

I have found a system /game hacker the gamer tag is [Mod Removed]he only has 30 gamer score and his gamer tag shows up as Microsoft in game he also used An advanced aim bot that locks on to you before he even comes around the corner


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You'd probably be better off reporting directly to Microsoft from your console.

I did I just wanted to make sure they got the message

Unfortunately though 'naming and shaming' is against the rules of the forum In fact doing so is more likely to get you suspended from the forum than it is the other person from LIVE.

You've done the right thing by reporting the person through your console. Now all you can do is wait for the Enforcement Team to do their job.

Behind this link is info on how to report, as well as mute, block, and avoid. Others in the same situation may appreciate it

"...he also used An advanced aim bot that locks on to you before he even comes around the corner"

Not dismissing the possibility since hacking does occur in the xbox network but that sounds like lag more than an aimbot, happens all the time.

Game devs run lag compensators which give preferential treatment to bad connections so they can sell more games, nothing more. The whole idea is archaic but to create something new would cost $$$ and game devs are all about $ not innovation.

Since you already filed a report through the console features,   Go ahead an Mute, Avoid, and Block Communications too (as pointed out above) ....   This will make sure you never run into the unwanted player again.

You may also want to report the player at the  game developers web site/forum......

Just remember, Microsoft gets thousands of reports daily----  each case gets investigated, that can take some time..  Move on  and have fun!!!!!


I don't want to start a debate but I was told to post my complante in forums by a member of Microsoft

Indeed, support will tell you to post here in the forums,   They DO NOT tell you to post names though.

Thank You for the heads up!!!!    Now just move on to the next game.    

No debate needed and,  No need to play with unwanted members.  

Sometimes, MS will send a message to you when action is taken but, most the time it's best to find another match.     GOOD LUCK!!!!