System Temps?

How do I check the temperature of my Xbox 360's components (CPU--GPU--MEM--MOBO)?


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For the outside you could get a stick on thermometer but there is no way to measure anything inside the console without opening it and that voids your warranty.

Is there a way to at least change the fan speed?

Nope. Sorry to say you can't change anything about how the console operates beyond what is in the settings, fan speed isn't an option there.

Blasphemy! So let's say my console overheats and I don't have warranty, does that mean I'm screwed?

I wouldn't say you were screwed but if its out of warranty you would have to pay for MS to fix it or buy a new one. If you or someone else opens it up to fix it you risk the chance of being console banned for tampering. The best way to make sure it doesn't overheat is to keep all vents clear and to have it some where well ventilated.