system tamping xboxlive/virgingaming for money!! uh oh!!

Hey guys, the other day I learned on a bug in a un named game where it would void the results of games. I would love to explain more in private messages to xbox support. Anyway I reported the bug to virgingaming which lead to them not addressing it. ANYWAYS I as hoping I was the only one who knew of it (because I DO NOT USE IT EVER!!!!)  Stupid me right? Last night I had someone do it to me which of course lead to them not getting a loss. Can I get some support here? We can't have users like this on sites for money or online at all. please help!!


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Eh ?

Did you file a report?????  Did you contact support???   Or is this to get traffic to your site???

[quote user="BongKaos"]Or is this to get traffic to your site???[/quote]


There's no point in reporting it to Xbox Live. The developers are the ones responsible fro their software, so if you're reported it to them then that's pretty much all you can do. And don't be surprised if you never receive a response. It costs money to update a game and a lot of times it's just not worth the time, cost, and effort for a developer.

You are right.... Sorry.  I assumed the OP was talking about something... I just wan't sure what though. Thank YOU.    Others will also avoid that site now....  Not many members I know want to play with cheaters.   GOOD LUCK!!!

Actually 48 hours after getting this pushed to a tier 2 team it was fixed.  Microsoft pimp slap?

You must be simple. what site? LOL@U