Swords and Guns and @@@-Kicking Nuns

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"Arcana Heart 3" has a 12+ age limit.


"Swords and Guns and @@@-Kicking Nuns" is what's printed on the back of the box so I ought to be able to get away with it (but if not please Moderate appropriately).


Great little 2D fighter that has slipped out on the 360 this weekend.


It features an all female cast of 23 characters all of whom are vieing to prevent the destruction of Japan (well most of them at least).


Each character comes with a default Arcana 'Spirit' which modifies their powers and abilities, and while each character has their default, you are free to pair your girl up with any Arcana in the roster making for a huge amount of diversity both online and off.


If you enjoyed "Blazblue" you will enjoy this game and if you enjoyed "Blazblue" but found it a bit difficult to get into using multiple characters you shall find this both enjoyable and easier to use different characters.

The game is presented in a 4:3 ratio with a gif of your character and your opponent on the right and left borders.  As you perform successful moves or take hits, win or are defeated your character's gif image reacts as does your opponent.


These animations may be turned off, or removed all together allowing you to play in full Wide Screen if you want to.


It takes a little bit of getting used to but once you're familiar with how the controls work and how to execute your super moves then the game becomes really good fun.


Amazon and possibly other places are doing a great Limited Edition that gives you the full game, 144 page art booklet, character cards with everyone's moves and full game soundtrack.


Very nice Limited Edition.


(Just remember you can't perform your specials without activating 'Extend Force'.  Hit ABC first, then 236/ABC)


Check it out.




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