Swearing at kids

This guy named [Mod Removed] sent me 6 messages maybe even more after I blocked him so anyway those messages we saying that I was a squeaker and Other words I can not speak of , o ya he was also talking about me getting banned off Xbox soo ya


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Don't name and shame on the forums.

A. Don't name and shame on the forums it is against forum policy.


B. You couldn't have blocked him if he was able to send you messages as blocking stops that.


C. All you can do is file a complaint against him which is done through the console and make sure you block him properly.

like others said block communications and also don't use game chat it's just stupid just talk in a party with people you know and lastly no matter what a player says they can't get you banned.

Next time file a complaint and block communications immediately.  But before you block, say "Why are you a grown man who is sending a bunch of messages to a child?  Do you love me or something?  You're creepy and disgusting bra."  

My question to you is. Why would you even post this up here?

Perhaps you shouldn't be playing games that were made for adults.