Swapping Elite HDD with new console?

I am wondering if i buy a new ELITE and keep the old ELITE HDD and plug it in to the new console will i keep all my licenses etc or would i need to do some sort of transfer still? 


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yes all you would have to do is a licenses transfer on the new system

I thought that was only if you was using a new HDD

Never mind i just called support and no i dont need to do  transfer if i am keeping the old HDD

You don't need to copy the content, but you will still want to do a license transfer so all of your content will be licensed to the new console and you won't have to be signed into LIVE to use it. It only takes a couple of minutes and you can find instructions here:


Ok so this doesnt require me using a transfer cable, i can just do it through xbox live right?

You will need to perform a license transfer from the new console itself. Some DLC may require you to redownload it from your purchase history to activate the new license on your console but if you have the dlc on your hdd that will take a matter of seconds

[quote user="mitchcraft1980"]I am wondering if i buy a new ELITE[/quote]There are no new Elite consoles. The Elite moniker was dropped when the 360 S was launched.[quote]and keep the old ELITE HDD[/quote]If you're referring to the original 360 console HDD, it will not attach to the new 360 S.


License Transfer is required when you change consoles.


DVD game reinstall is required when you change storage device or console.

No i know what i am talking about not a 360s , the store i am going to have new yes new ELITE 360s which will take my old HDD because they are the same console. If i meant a 360s i would of said a 360s . Anyway i know what i need to do now. This thread can be closed thanks

[quote user="mitchcraft1980"]the store i am going to have new yes new ELITE 360s[/quote]They may have old new stock of original consoles, but they're all out of warranty.


It's an exceptionally bad idea to buy an original 360 console at this point. You are out of warranty from the date of purchase.[quote]If i meant a 360s i would of said a 360s[/quote]You might want to re-read what you just wrote above...