SwagBucks appears to be better than Bing Rewards

I'm pretty sure I have discovered a way to get more bang for your buck with Bing Rewards. Like most folks I use my Bing Rewards credits to get the $5 Amazon Card which I can buy an Xbox Gift Card with. Yesterday I discovered a new rewards website at www.swagbucks.com

On this site you can redeem 450 SwagBucks for a $5 Amazon Card. I just noticed on Bing Rewards you can buy 500 SwagBucks for 475 Bing Rewards credits (the same Bing credits as the Amazon card). Looks like a little funky math is involved but I think you can get the Amazon card a little sooner if you transfer Bing Rewards to SwagBucks. You can also earn SwagBucks through its website itself which can boost you to the Amazon card even faster!

You can look around on the site and Google (or SwagBucks or Bing search for extra credits) on how to quickly earn more SwagBucks. I found a couple good blogs that explained things pretty well.

I downloaded an app on my iPhone called SBTV for SwagBucks TV where you can watch a ton of videos on a loop and constantly earn SwagBucks with very little effort! In about 6 hours I hit my daily cap of 110 SwagBucks. At this rate it appears that you can get a $5 Amazon card about every 4-5 days. Someone else on Reddit told me that you're allowed to redeem 5 gift cards per month and he always maxes out for $25 in Amazon cards per month. Seems much better than Bing Rewards, but you can do that too on the side! 

Feel free to PM me for a referral link for either site.


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So after 30 hours of looping videos gets you a $5 Amazon card? (I would hate to see your data usage)


Hmmmmmm.... 8 hours of work gets me $320.....  


In general I boycott anything with "swag" in the name....  but if it works for you good.

Get a job. Pays more and It's hard earned.