Suspension for saving screenshots to my console


Has anyone gotten a suspension for saving screenshots on your console? I got an email stating:

The content that caused this suspension may include but is not limited to:

  • Excessive display of profanity, vulgarities, hate speech or other offensive terms or gestures
  • Nudity, imitation of nudity, pornography, and/or sexual activity
  • Use of illegal drugs, controlled substances, or other illegal activities
  • Harm or violence against people or animals, or promotion of self-harm

I have not done any of these things. I took screenshots while playing The Witcher 3 and have not shared them to any sites, forums or other players. They were screens I grabbed to show to my wife when she returned from work. How is it wrong to save screens from a game they sell, that I bought, and am not sharing/posting with anyone? How would they handle someone on Twitch streaming the entire game that contains nudity all over? Do those people get suspended as well?


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Well, you could always look into buying a capture card.  Every thing would then be saved on your computer, so you wouldn't have to worry about that stuff.

I guess it's luck of the draw as well, I knew someone that had the boobies from the witcher on display in their screenshots was just removed, no action taken.

Yeah, I guess that is true. Although the fact that everything we decide to save from our game time using this feature goes to them and is up for grabs kind of stinks. I never thought of that before as being a possible issue. There is no way to turn this off either, in order to save my best gaming moments for myself other than using one drive. Eh, what can you do? Live and learn.

Wushu, the problem is, you're using Xbox Live's servers to do all of this uploading.  Therefore, as you even alluded to, you have to play by their rules.  As Daft mentioned, use the "workaround" with the Onedrive if you want to show your wife this stuff.

I see what you are saying but if you take any screenshots or vids they are up for anyone to view via upload.

Twitch is nothing to do with Microsoft or xbox live.

The only thing I can suggest is if you take a screen/video,upload it to Onedrive straight away & then delete it from your upload.You can then view it via Onedrive which is not for public viewing.

I already said I had taken the screenshots, but I am not posting them. Again, if someone on Twitch streams the game which has actual quests requiring going to the brothels and so on, do they get the same penalties? I am not trying to get suspension lifted as it is already in place and only my first offense. I was just asking around if this makes sense to penalize someone for taking shots of a game they own on a console they own. I don't want my gameplay to be public knowledge unless I specifically choose to post or share it. I don't share anything even with my closest friends. People post videos of GTA which is extremely violent and has loads of drug use and illegal activities. I didn't post any of that. I simply took them for my own use, in my own home. I paid loads of cash to be able to do what I want in my home. I get the "agreement" we all accept, but why would my screens be public fodder if I don't approve. Just venting I guess.

If you have not done any of those things how come there are two screenshots with topless women on your profile?

Screenshots/upload vids can be seen by anyone & like xbox live,must be rated E.

Anyway,enquiries about a suspension need to be posted here