suspended, is there any point to continue play?

just got suspended til year 9999 for something i haevnt done...

i know i have the choice to create a new account to play live again but is there any point?

i have almost reached lvl 100 on gears of war 3 with 5 onyx medals and the rest is almost gold but then i think, how fun is it to start all over again?

anyone feels the same way as i do?


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It's always fun to start again, of course. In some cases, it seems like you're just redoing it all over again, and again, and again, but at least you have the chance to try it all a different way than before.

i had the samething back on MW2. it was fun playing people that thought i was new to the game. but after that i got bored pritty quick TBH.

yes ofc i thought of the same way but i bought a 14 month gold card and just activated it... im just angry because i cant play  some games ive baought for example, i bought the add on to super street fighter (arcade edition) but i can only play it if im online...

Your a typical "MLG" person. You obviously violated the ToC and CoC of Xbox, so you deserved to be suspended. Don't complain if your going to break the rules.

what is your problem? do i deserve to be suspended because i like to play competitive? just because people like som real challenge instead of the public match types in different games where the majority of people isnt so good or dont want to help the team, deserves to be suspended? its nog against the rules to play like that or put your teams name on the bio? and by the way i just stopped playing mlg/GB because of the lack of time..

dont random hate on somebody because you have some personal problem with competitive players...

You were suspended for "nothing" is what you're saying? How is that possible? I believe if you have a console ban, you can still play it but not online again. If your GT was banned, I think you can make a new one. But, I'm not a Moderator and don't know for sure. They know the rules.

Since your profile has 'Code of Conduct' written all over it, I'd say you were banned for a very valid reason.


OT: Sure it is fun to start all over again, but only if you have all the games you enjoy playing to play again.

yes i was ofcourse suspended for something but i didnt do anything that could offend anyone! why would they supend me until year 9999? i dont see the reason?

You may post in this forum to inquire about your ban.


yeah did post a letter there but i haevn´t got any response yet

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