Suspended for 3 weeks for reporting a cheater.

Hi everyone, I have been suspended for 3 weeks because I have reported a cheater on GTA V!!!!! What do you think about that? I find it as a massive joke!!! I am Xbox player for 8  years now and that is my second suspension that wasn't my fault. I find it funny.

Now I am suspended for 3 weeks because I have called a other player a [Mod removed] because he has cheating on GTA V and I have reported him. Other gamers called me much worse and the are still playing online today!!!!!!!!! Guess what he still plays and I got suspended! Well played Xbox Team, well played. Now I cannot do anything on my 360 and One!!!! And you dare charging money for that!!  A normal gamer tries to report a cheater to give other gamers better experience and yet you block the wrong person where is the logics here?


I want a team to investigate this issue ASAP and give me a respond to the fault you have made, an compensation would be good for this bad experience that I have to go through.  

Thank You 

XO gamingGB


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You were possibly banned for the offensive message you sent to him. In my opinion you deserved that. The length of the suspension may also be because it is your second suspension.

Yea I agree I couldn't belive my eyes when I read this lol it's totally out of order.

Is there a number that I could ring to complain to management or to take this complaint to the next level or something about this, this is my 4th comms ban and this time I really thought it would be a months ban so I did everything I could to avoid being offensive in any of my messages but yet they still take the word of some little kids or some hater who I killed in the game because if they actually looked into it they would clearly see that there is nothing that evan the pettiest xbox employee couldn't find a fault with to be honest

Lol yeah you got a 3 week ban because you did no wrong....... And its your 2nd suspension for doing no wrong.... All the bad apples fell on you !!!!

I said one word that inst even offensive. But the people who threaten me to find me and kill me or [Mod removed] still plays online and they are doing fine.  

Yea he was in the wrong for saying [Mod removed: Please don't bypass the swear filter], apparently, but a 3 week ban for that is abit exessive for sending 1 lone message and the thing is if he got a 3 week ban just for that 1 message why didn't the other guy get banned??? That's what I can't understand, if that's the consequence of 1 complaint filed against him why did the other guy not get banned?????

You wont get any compensation for a suspension the xbox code of conduct is very clear and you broke it.

Did he file a complaint against the other user? The enforcment team can only act upon a report. The length of his suspension is because it is a second offence like he mentioned earlier

Because you used offensive language in a message. That is why you got suspended. You deserved it for using the offensive language. As boozyhead has said post in the suspension forums

What I deserve a suspension because I stud up in name of other gamers that was in that lobby?, they where insulting him more than I did. I did not do anything bad to anyone.  The first suspension wasnt my fault. Can you explain how did I deserved that?

I'm not after compensation im out to make sure stuff like this does not happen to other people because it's totally out of order and if you can't see it viral you are just blind to the truth. Do they actually look into causes like these cases or because they have so many complaints Comming in daily do they just have a quick look and make a decision wether the person in question deserves to be given a ban??.

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