Suspend and resume still not working

My xb1 is incapable of suspending apps and games.

On the Home screen you have the main window which shows the game or app you are currently using.

Below this are 4 boxes which show your most recently used apps.

These apps, once opened, should be suspended in the state you last left them, allowing the user to instantly switch back to them with zero loading times.

The rules are only one of the 4 suspended apps can be a game, as loading another game will close the current game down.

My xbox does not function like this.

The suspended apps in the 4 boxes will close after a certain amount of time, for no reason.

For example, before coming here to write this message i was watching Twitch. The Twitch app has now closed down, along with my other 3 suspended apps.


I have not been disconnected, signed out or changed profiles. Has any other XB1 user noticed this problem?

Most infuriatingly, Games fail to stay suspended.

Playing, for example ,Dead rising 3, using a couple of apps like Netflix and Youtube will cause that game to close down if i'm away from the game for more than 30 mins.

This happens with all games i own.

Also using internet explorer, and viewing web pages with hi-res pictures and "gifs" will cause game and suspended apps to close down.

Why is this happening?

These are the steps i have taken to remedy the issue:

Hard reset/power cycle the console,

Restored factory defaults 3 times,

Unplugged Kinect,

Used a different profile,

Plugged the console into different plug sockets around the house,

Used various hdmi cables.

Switched instant on to Energy saving mode,

Got an entirely new fibre optic network.

Nothing works.

I have fimed over half a dozen videos of this"bug" in action and will be posting them here over the next few days.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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