surround sound for xbox???

Hey everyone what's up? Im looking to buy a surround sound to use with my Xbox.  Im looking for something under $250.00. Anyone got any suggestions as to what kind of surround sound will work with my xbox? Any info is appriciated. Thank you.


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If you are looking for a legitimate surround sound system I would suggest picking up a computer surround sound system. A good example (if they're still available) is the Logitech x540 system. It has 5.1 surround sound, great bass, and it comes with a cable that you can use to plug it into your TV and use it as well. When I purchased my set it was only about $100 to $150.

A better suggestion would be to pick up a pair of Turtle Beach headphones. They all come with surround sound, can be plugged into your TV or computer, and are amazing sounding for roughly the same price. One of the best pairs you can purchase from them, the X41 wireless headphones, run for $120 at Walmart and come with an optical cable for 7.1 surround sound.

Personally, I wouldn't waste $250 on a HTiB (that's all that could be had for $250). I would take that money & buy an inexpensive receiver that could be the start of a real surround sound system and add to it as the money becomes available. You could even go super cheap on the receiver and get some throwaway speakers, just to have sound right now. Of course, a $250 receiver will eventually need to be upgraded, but if you want a setup sooner rather than later, it's s start. The vast majority of all-in-one setups are self-contained & usually use connections that won't work with standard gear. So you'll have what you start with (which will basically be crap) and be pretty much unable to upgrade it without starting over. I guess what I'm getting at is HTiBs are throw-aways for anyone wanting a legitimate system, and at $250, that's all you're gonna get outside of cheap speakers & receiver that would need to be replaced, but could be built off of as money permits.