Support for countries other than the US?

Some more Xbox One support to New Zealand would be nice? We still don't have jack sh*t here in NZ. Out Kinect Voice commands are not even working,it's disgraceful. I hear USA have everything on theirs? It's absolutely BS! My 360 played movies,I was sold that Xbox One would have entertainment system features..... X1 can't even play any movies through flash drive. I sold my 360 so I could have anough money for X1 yet I see 360 has huge advantage over X1 and I think now I should have just waited. I know you guys are on it Microsoft,but seeing Xbox 360 now just getting everything after we've payed through the nose for Xbox One is a kick in the teeth. My expensive headset doesn't work either,I'm disappointed but hoping to see mass improvements in 2014.


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You probably should of waited and stuck with the one requires patience.