Supplied HDMI cable question (stopped working)

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                                    So I was playing Forza5 last night and all of a sudden my TV screen went black! I said oh F$%$!!!  I could still here the game and when I used voice commands I could here the little confirmed sounds. So I swapped out HDMI cables and that solved the problem. The supplied HDMI cable crapped out. Has this happened to anybody out there? Did you call Microsoft and did they send you a new one?  Just wondering.

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Yep mine did,,and no i didn't  contact MS...

HDMI cables are cheap ,and i ended replacing all of mine just because they were a few years old

Yeah i'm not gonna bother,  FYI, I use Media Bridge cables. I got them off of I highly recommend them.  They are cheap in price and very well built.

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Did you do a reset on the system?  Mine has done this once and it was fine after I did a reset.  On top of that I did not start having this or any other problems until after the latest system update.  I seriously doubt it is the HDMI cable that came with the Xbox One.

Apparantly it is due to a bug in the new software OS where double tapping the home button craps out the picture. Avoid doing that and you will be fine.

Also you must use a HDMI 1.4 cable or you will have issues.

Sounds like the black screen bug that was introduced by the update last week. Cables don't just stop working, it usually is the device at either end that is at fault.

No such thing as an HDMI 1.4 cable by the way. Only High speed versions or Standard versions exist though their are configurations that include options. All prior high speed cables are compatible with every prior version of HDMI and will support 4K resolutions as well. Manufacturers who label as version 1.3 or 1.4 are violating the HDMI licensing standard.

I'm having same problems :( walk in the room I say "Xbox on"

System and tv come on but all I get is a black screen :(

But now I'm also getting when I want to turn the system off, I say

"Xbox turn off" then I get the yes / no prompt  the system only hears

Me say "No" and doesn't understand "Yes" and  before anyone ask I'm saying "Yes"

In English lol.

This system was great until the recent update now I'm getting all this which is really spoiling

The enjoyment I brought it for :(

OK I have to ask, be do you do a system reset?

Thank you


Hold the power button on the console for about 10-12 seconds until it turns off. Turn it back on.

Thanks Jay!!!!

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