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Hi everyone, I wanted to get your opinions and suggestions for a pair of headphones to be used with a home theater setup. I have 7.1 system that is magnificent but I have to turn it down really low for playing late at night so as not to disturb my wife and baby. I considered getting the Turtle Beach headsets but they don't utilize the receiver and they have more wires than I want to deal with - yes even the wireless ones, just too much clutter going on with Turtle Beach.

I have a Pioneer VSX-32 Receiver that has 7.1 THX support so I'd like an option that would allow me to just plug into my 1/4" jack and get audio directly from my receiver and also support Live Chat. Any suggestions?


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Well if your reciever can output Dolby Headphone which it seems like it can I would just get a good pair of headphones and then buy something like this. However you do it your going to have a cable running from the receiver to your headphones and then a wire running from the headset to the controller. If wireless turtle beach didn't suite you then Logitech has a wireless offering still any 360 headset right now will have a wire running to the controller for Live. Only company who is going to have completely wireless sometime soon is MadCatz \Tritton since they made a deal with MS to use the proprietary wireless protocol meaning no wires at all for Live voice chat. Not out yet though and no real date for release.

Thanks Smiling Cat, the Logitech F540 look good. I think I might pick up a pair to try. It's certainly a lot cheaper than the TurtleBeach PX5's. I can probably use the "Zone 2" output on my receiver to the wireless base and provide 7.1 audio to the headphones at a much cheaper price than the PX5's. My Pioneer Elite VSX-32 Receiver is also THX certified so I'd like to take advantage of my receiver as much as I can.

However, after some review of the PX5 base does accept TOS-Link (optical cable) connection so I could in theory use the PX5 directly from my stereo receiver for less wire clutter behind my consoles and AV equipment than the F540s. Spending $112 for the F540's is much more affordable than the $212 for the PX5's.

I'll post on here once I get my new headset setup with my receiver.