Suggestions for Xbox games?

I'm interested in hearing suggestions for games to get and so on~

Thanks in advanced. :)


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Got any genres you prefer?

I pretty much like all games, honestly.

From Minecraft to Call of Duty-like games to Portal/Puzzle, etc.


All the Halo games. they're all very good and enjoyable, especially Reach  - loads of replay value there.

red dead redemption, ghostbusters, sports games if your a sports fan. try out the bargain bin at a store near you.

A few come to mind...

GTA 5, Tomb Raider, Walking Dead (Telltale Version), Skyrim, Mass Effect Trilogy

BioShock 1,2,3

Condemned 1,2

Tomb raider

Borderlands 1,2



Plus if theres any games you think you might like,try looking for a demo or look on youtube for a video to see if its something you may like.

Buy what you will play........   The internets do exist and reviews are a plenty.    GOOD LUCK!!!!

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+ Infinity. An absolute brilliant game that will keep you entertained/occupied for hours upon hours.

Forgot a few that I really liked during last gen.....Timeshift and Dark Sector.