Suggestions for the Accessories App

Microsoft, I have some suggestions for your newly released "Accessories App"...

- Let us create our own stick sensitivity adjustments. The most obvious use to us would be to adjust for stick drift that too many of your controllers ship with. These limited "presets" that you made available to us are too drastic to be useful and are a far cry from what we expected.

- Add "Chat Mute Toggle" to the advanced mapping menu. Since we no longer need the chat adapters it would be nice to still have the option to have an on-controller mute button for surprise sneezes and farts.

- It was sweet of you guys to add a bunch of game specific configurations, but move our custom made configurations to the top of the list. It's very inconvenient to have to scroll through a huge list of configurations no one wants just to get to ours.

If anyone else has any suggestions please speak up. No one at Microsoft is going to read this but it will probably make you feel a little better. I know it did for me.


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