Suggestion to use to better protect XboxLive from cheaters

My suggestion is to investigate players by surveying media sites such as Youtube and Twitch. There is literally hundreds of hours footage with Youtubers and or Twitch live streamers who openly admit within the videos themselves to the description of the video with things like, hack tool, spawn killing, boosting, etc. These services have no actually jurisdiction to take part in enforcing the games themselves, but XboxLive still has an obligation to do so. Understandably XboxLive has to deal with thousands of falsely made File Complaints on a daily basis, so if XboxLive did survey these services then they can target the sure to be cheaters.


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How do you know the enforcement team don't do this already ?

They do not reveal how they investigate reports against players otherwise people cheating will know how to avoid being caught.

Their are two main modding sites that are responsible for 90% of the modding happening on xbox live.

The enforcement team could sit on there 24 hours a day and probably not make a dent.

Realistically probably only 5% of the cheaters out there openly express that they are cheating, but just getting rid of them would greatly reduce the chance the influence of it.

So invade a person's life outside of Xbox and Xbox Live to go after people? Sorry, but big brother can shove it. I don't care for cheaters either, but to go as far as to take Xbox/MS people to stalk people outside like that is some annoying crap. How can you trust what happens on another site? They should only catch people ON their network actively cheating... to ban someone because you think the video of them cheating on Youtube is legit is crap.