Suggestion of features for Xbox #3

I bet there is a better place to put this but I cannot find it and would like to be able to contact someone at Microsoft directly to make a suggestion for next Xbox.  I would like to see some of the following suggestions implemented in the future model of the Xbox

  • CEC capability
    • I figure this will be a given since it will have a newer version of HDMI
  • IR extension
    • Some way to extend the IR system preferable via 1/8" headphone style jack and placed on the back of the Xbox.
    • Maybe it could possible be integrated into the Kinect since it is already capable of seeing Infrared
  • IR Commands
    • A way to access certain features of the Xbox with custom programed remotes.  For instance a code to jump right to Netflix, Hulu, etc.
    • No product would be necessary just some IR commands embedded in the software for the Xbox and allow the HEX coding to be released
    • Being a software function they could be updated as new features are added.
  • Some way to Extend the signal of the Wireless remotes
  • Maybe with some kind of USB accessories
Some of you may be wondering what good would any of these do.  Well I work in the Home theater industry and have come across many hi end installation that people want to do things such as place the Xbox into a closet or small room with the rest of their home AV system.  In these cases the IR system able to be rigged by using IR Emitters  I dis like this method and find it looks less professional and if the emitter ever falls off you loose the ability to receive the signal.  
As far as the IR commands this currently has limited functionality when it comes to custom programmed remotes such as the ones from the brand Universal Remote Controls.  The method of accessing such features as Netflix and Hulu is mostly dependent on where in the menu you are when you try to access the feature. Having to program the remote to go up 2 pages and go to the right 4 tabs etc is impractical since it might be up 3 page or down 1 page and would be much better served if a Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, etc code was implemented.  
The IR extension, I as well as many colleagues would like to see implemented would be USB based.  We already know how to run a USB into a jack on wall plate then through the wall to the TV area into another wall plate and have a USB jack.  I have heard the Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows does not work with the Xbox directly and no one I know has bothered to try especially since Microsoft has discontinued the receiver by itself.
So Microsoft please read this over plus the comments from other people on their suggestions and consider them as soon as possible before you release the next Xbox console.  I know one of your goals is to have the Xbox be at the center stage for the home theater system and adding these features will be a big step towards that.

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All nice ideas, but MS engineers will do what they think will cover enough bases. That being said IR will most likely be right on the mainboard with the normal IR filter on the case. No jack because only a very small percentage would use it. Wireless I don't see being extendable as they have not let third part manufacturers make official wireless controllers. Also it will most likely use the same RF system so 360 wireless accessories will still be useable. So staying in the 2.4Ghz band instead of moving up to the 5Ghz which would give you better signal quality and range. Last thing is with the Kinect being their big push to replace every peripheral besides the game controller. There might not even be an IR remote or console IR sensor. Technically the Kinect is a giant IR sensor that could be used to read IR codes.

Good point about the IR Jack.

I was recently reading about HDBaseT connection and hope they decided to include this.  In case your not aware of what this is an Ethernet connection that can transmit and receive audio, uncompressed HD (including 3D),  IR signals, internet, CEC control, as well as Power of Ethernet (PoE).  At this point I could not care less about the PoE feature but everything else sounds great.  Since the current Xbox already has an Ethernet port is does not seem unreasonable to expect the next model to also have one.  With that being said this would solve the issue I see with the IR jack on the back.  This connection is designed to replace HDMI while I don't think this will happen anytime soon it would be nice if the Xbox had this type of Ethernet jack on the back to allow for either option.  Of course it still uses conventional Ethernet Cat 5 or Cat 6 cables with Cat 6 being preferred

As far as IR specific codes for Netflix, Hulu, etc as long as I can tell my Kinect "Xbox open Netflix" I will be happy.  I am sure if that is not the case on December 6, with the new update it will happen eventually

As far as the controller if the next Xbox does have them it would be nice if Microsoft would make a tiny USB dongle similar to the one I use for my Logitech mouse.  That way it can be plugged into the USB jack on the wall (within 20 feet or so) and transmitted through Cat 5/6 then to another USB jack and then on to the Xbox in the other room.  Of course I know Microsoft would just prefer I buy an Xbox for each room but that is not going to happen.  So just a simply tiny USB receiver tuned to the Xbox controller frequency.  I have also seen Wireless USB hubs that look and act just like a wireless router.  If they made the little dongle it could be plug into one of those to increase the number of people who could use it.