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I've finally saved up enough for a monitor, I just don't know what one to choose. Can someone suggest a monitor, preferably which they have used. The monitor must be 1080p 22"+, good black levels, relatively fast response time. I'm not bothered if it doesn't have built in speakers because i'll be using my own speakers. Thanks.


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The one in my sig. It is currently $160 on Newegg. It is usually $210, but currently on sale for $185, and until Jan 1, there is a coupon code for $25 off that you enter on checkout. $160 + free shipping is hard to beat. It is 23" and runs at 1920x1080. It is fully LED backlit, thin and light as heck. It has a 2ms GTG response time. It has 1 DVI, 1 HDMI, and 1 VGA input so you can connect three devices at once and run them all at 1080p. It doesn't have built in speakers. When it comes to monitors, ASUS is tough to beat with Samsung being the only other brand I recomend.

I got this to replace my 720p TV from Toshiba. Looks amazing with VGA. I highly recomend it!

That IPS monitor looks really good, the only thing that is putting me off is the response time of 8ms, will it still run games fine with no motion blur/input lag?

That one looks really good Helldog, I'm from the UK and I don't think Newegg ship out of the US do they? Anyway I found the monitor on a different website which sells to the UK. The monitor works out at £138.74 which still seems like a steal. I just have a question, are the black levels really good? because on my LG monitor they are horrible. Heres a test, when you hit the guide/home button on the dashboard does it dim perfectly or can you see lines, because thats what happens on two of my LG displays. I just think they are poorly made though.

Also what do you think about these two:

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That IPS monitor looks really good, the only thing that is putting me off is the response time of 8ms, will it still run games fine with no motion blur/input lag?

[/quote]The 8ms response time shouldn't make any difference compared to others that advertise 2ms response time. LCD is LCD, you'll always notice the tiniest amount of motion blur on them, although it's hard to notice and easy to live with. My current monitor is rated at 2ms response time and I still notice tiny amounts of motion blur every once in awhile. The Dell IPS monitor has one of the best black levels you'll find in any monitor, regardless of pricepoint.

Ok thanks for clearing that up, I still don't know what one to choose because the Dell is tempting with it being an IPS monitor, and Helldog says the asus is good and he knows from experience, also it's cheaper. I've also been looking at the asus vh242h, according to the reviews on amazon it is excellent with the xbox.

I can agree that Dell has good black levels. I honestly don't remember the black levels on my Monitor. I only bought it a week ago and haven't been able to use it for 5 days so my only experience was a day of playing BF3 which looked immaculate and just as good if not better on my Monitor than my 19" Toshiba (I wanted to replace my Toshiba because it has a refresh issue in the top right that is annoying). My laptop is a 3.5 year old Dell Studio 1535 15.6" 1440x900 resolution and has amazing black levels. Compared to my sister's brand new HP laptop which has terrible black levels. I wouldn't ever get an IPS panel for gaming, but an 8ms response time is the best you'd actually get with an HDTV so you won't notice a difference. As for motion blurring, some games actually have motion blur enabled (like Crysis 2). Unfortunately Newegg does NOT ship internationally.

I would go with Samsung. They have great speakers that almost feel like surround. The image is great for the price (I think) and you can pick it up at Costco...Costco isn't that place where you find just the budget cruddy TVs at good prices; they have great offerings now as well. Also look there if you need a good router, but you have to buy the most expensive one if you want the quality.

Ok, I'm back on my monitor, still highly recomend the one in my sig, great blacklevels. Not sure the prices available for it though right now.