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Dear Microsoft,

I wanted to complain about your decision to make "Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare" an online only game and to require Xbox Live Gold in order play. Our 10-year-old son had been looking forward to playing this game for a long time. He loved the the previous versions of the game. He was extremely disappointed when he found out that he couldn't play his game without having to be up-sold additional services from your company. We absolutely object to your exploitation of young children and their desires to play a game by requiring them to purchase the additional service.

We recently had to spend $130 on an additional hard drive so that our other son could play "Need for Speed-Rivals", which required additional storage space.

Well we've had enough. This illustrates for me your attempt to addict new generations of children to on-line gaming as your only hope for future revenue. We'll have none of it. We're going to have our kids involved in other activities such as playing outside, reading, and being creative.

Great marketing: you drove us out of the market and you've alienated a 10-year old. This is on par with your other stellar business decisions lately, like Windows 7 & 8 and Surface. I guess you're trying to cover losses in those other business units. Sad.

Extremely dissatisfied but liberated.

(Written on an iPad. I get the irony, but I wonder if you do.)


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Microsoft will not see your post here.

You know the Microsoft didn't make "Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare", right?  So it wasn't their decision to make the game online only.

So you decided to come on here, whinge about your huge disappointment and expect people to feel sorry for you when EA clearly mentioned that Plants vs Zombies is strictly a multiplayer game and all of a sudden it's Microsoft's fault?

Hard Drive's don't cost $130, wherever you bought it from, you clearly got robbed in broad daylight, I got my 250 Gigabyte Hard Drive for £40 here in the UK.

Shopping around for best prices helps, I suppose that went straight over your head.

Don't you dare try and convince people that Microsoft is doing a shoddy job, they are trying to please as much people as they can and I'm sure your "10 year old" will understand.

As for the "Previous" versions, they're mobile only games and the 3rd person shooter versions are completely different in comparison than their mobile counterparts, so I'd suggest you go and do some research.

Just get gold. It's not much and has great deals.

It's amazing how hostile Ambassadors are these days.

Fake Hedgehog has a point. If the OP did his research first he could have directed his anger and slander towards the party responsible for his mood. Not to mention he would have known the game was going to be an online only game.


OP, if you do buy gold I would recommend you shop around online to get the best deal otherwise your next post will be how you got ripped off buying gold for $59.99/year. You can find it as cheap as $34.99/year if you shop around. Either way it isn't a bad price with what you get for it. Just keep in mind that it is account specific and can not be used amongst other accounts on the console so it would have to go on your sons account if he is going to be the one playing the game.

Ambassadors are meant to be a friendly and welcoming face for people to the LIVE experience, of which these forums are a part.

It's not just in this thread. As a whole the Ambassadors who post seem to becoming far more hostile toward people, not just in one off but their attitude as a whole.

^ They are only in it for rewards. I don't know how how to get the rewards even.

Me, hostile? Very rarely.

I was just making a blunt point if I may be painfully honest.

As for rewards, I barely sought for them, I'm more than happy to spend my own wages on games etc..I can assure you and I am more than capable of defending myself and my previous comment.

Should the OP have an issue with afore mentioned then they can take it up with me and the result will be more than reasonable.

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