Sub-Par build quality of xbox one pads.

I'm becoming very concerned with the frightening number of people reporting major problems with the analogue sticks for their xbox one pads; mainly the left stick breaking when altering direction and pressing the stick in (I.E for sprinting in most games, or by accident in stick heavy games like FIFA/Forza) The "Wobbling pop" issue as I have seen it is where a plastic component (That was metal in the 360 pads) that holds the stick in position, breaks during the aforementioned actions causing the stick to become unstable/stick/drift/become unresponsive. I have two xbox one pads, I don't play with friends locally at all, I got a second one because my first pad after only a couple of months started to show signs of wear. Whilst I haven't experienced the full break that lots of others seem to have, but I have noticed the left stick become considerably looser in terms of it's base slack before input transferral to the screen, the right trigger squeaks whenever I depress it, and the plastic housing of the pad creaks. I'm very, very, careful with my possessions, especially with my console and the pads so this gave me a lot of concern. It's put me off from playing FIFA ever again at all, and made me very conscious of using my pad for my preferred genres: FPS games like Destiny/Battlefield as the left stick always clicks in for sprinting, and racing games like Forza Horizon 2 as these are intense, stick heavy games with many fast movements required. Though in all honesty I worry playing ANY game type now. I had a 360 since launch and didn't have to throw my FIRST PAD away in all those years, it stood the test of time. I see now MS is releasing the "Elite" pad, which boasts steel stick shafts ETC. and claims that the sticks will last years... Shouldn't this be the case on the original xbox one pads? I've researched this and seen a great amount of people who have gone through 3-6+ pads in the space of a year. They aren't cheap, and I don't find this acceptable at all. My friend has a PS4 (a console I can't stand, I think it's awful in every way really) he's had it the same amount of time I have had my Xbox 1 (a year) and I know for a fact he is rougher with his pads than I ever would be, I held them and tested the sticks and could feel no discernible wobble (Although it must be said the rubber had started to come away from them, no such problems with the X1 pad) which really surprised (and vexed) me. No researching I've done has found any sort of response from MS on this issue, or whether there will be improvements made to future pads. I'm loyal to XBOX and won't be changing to another console ever, no matter what issues transpire, but it would be nice to hear something from MS about these issues and concerns. Thank you.


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I still have my original two pads. Stop throwing and dropping them.

I'm extremely careful with them you dolt, I have never dropped either of them. My concerns come from what others have reported and the wear I have started to see on mine, they aren't as yet broken.

"They aren't cheap" - Aquila Imperium

Yes. They actually are. Well... maybe if I was 10 and living at home they wouldn't be... but I'm gonna stick with my answer since I'm not. Yes. They actually are.

On a side note, my two DAY 23 controllers work fine.

the feels cheap, but 2 years later, i'm still using my day one controller and isn't even showing any sign of wear, one of my dogs even has a habit of pushing things off the couch or coffee table, so my day one has been knocked on the floor dozens of times(if not hundreds of times), but on the flip side, i went through about 1 360 controller every year, the sticks would wear through and snap, or the bumpers would no longer click and just stop working.

the only problem i'm really seeing with my X1 controller is the USB port is starting to become loose, but everything i'm reading says the Elite controller is of a high build quality, just waiting for them to ship mine and then most likely retire my day one controller.

The build is fine. That's not to say there won't be shoddy controllers knocking about though. It's not like they're constructed individually by the expert hands of artisans, who maybe worked for Rolls Royce crafting ergonomic steering columns at one time, or something. They're mass produced and some of them will be a bit crap.

I had two perfect controllers, my brother-in-law came round and used one for an hour... now the right trigger on that one makes a strained creaking sound. He must be in the "press waaaaay too hard to win" camp. smh =|

Vampirella: I'm 30 and an accountant with my own business; I don't consider them to be cheap actually but agree to disagree.

Argon: I never mentioned wanting artifice quality build, you're being ott there. I merely stated the build quality could be better.

Zero: I don't think we should have to pay 120 pounds for a robust pad.

Hopefully my pads will last, if any of you read my post I only stated ONE OF MY PADS SHOWS SLIGHT WEAR. My CONCERNS come from the huge quantity of reports I've seen where pads did break. Time will tell.

I agree it could be better. lol I wasn't being ott. Just saying there's some bad products in mass production sometimes. I basically said, 'it's not like they're crafted by Tony Stark and Jarvis with a view to giving a gamer the power to avenge in gaming for longer' or something. Only Rolls Royce and artisans came to mind. {=]

nvm {XD

i'd take it all with a grain of salt, there have been many times that people will go to forums complaining about something, which seems legit at first, then some detail slips out and it turns out it was complete BS and the person just wanted something for free, or trolling.

like i stated, my X1 controllers are holding up a lot better than my 360 controllers did. so i'm not worried about it.

Your concerns are credible, there are a lot of people posting here as well as in other sites about it.

There are also solutions on the cheap to address those concerns if/when they ever arise.

Np Argon, fed up of puerile responses but then, it's  a forum so what should I expect? It's a well recognised issue, I just checked my first pad again and it's worse than I remember. The left stick is close to breaking I think. I'd defy anyone to treat their pads with more care than me, I've let a friend use it once which even if he was rough shouldn't be sufficient to damage it like that. Alas, 10 months I used that, I'll end up shelling out for an elite pad *sigh*

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