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There probably won't be a lot interested in this, it's either talk of Titanfall or the usual resolution debates ;-) but just seen it pop up on TotalXbox ( few other reviews if you look on Google )


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A Titanium Blade, A Heart of Steel. I had the original for the ZX Spectrum, that was quite some time ago. Might pick this up, depends on price. Already purchased Lego Movie this month, getting Rayman this weekend and Garden Warfare next week, maybe even Thief too, Titanfall next month... the list goes on, too many games.

Will get. I loved the Arcade Strider way back and could go through on one quarter. About time, "arcade" or not I'm getting it.

I think I might get this. I reckon a few people will be getting this due to the nostalgia of playing it when younger. This or Rayman to keep me going till TF

Am I blind or is there no demo for this?

Played the Sega Genesis version. $15. Purchase. Now that Ragman's digital price is fixed, probably that too. Thief next week.