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The game has been available for a bit now, but I'm still not seeing a forum. I really need a dedicated place to complain about the game ... Not because the game is bad, but because I am apparently terrible at it. (I mean, I was never a superstar at these Japanese side-scrolling ninja games back in the '80's; and 25 years of additional experience has not made me any better.) So where is my forum in which to complain?


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Your already here bud, if no one has made a thread on it someone will. That some one is you!

All strider complaints here.

Personally I love the game, I started not liking it but once I became powerful it started to become much fun. I made a bunch of boss battle clips and they blew up. I got lots of views and that alone was satisfying

Love the game...definitely harkens back to the Strider of old while feeling new at the same time.  I only wish they didn't take away your collectables when you die during a level.  I don't mind starting back at the beginning, but having to go get the collectables again is not fun and feels more like a chore...

Overall, a great game for anyone who likes action-platformers!