Strict NAT type? Could be a faulty console.

I went through a strict NAT ordeal a couple of months back. I tried literally everything. Port forwarding, static IPs, stuffing around with moden settings, contacting my provider, contacting the modem manufacturer. 

Nothing worked.

I tried my 360 and its NAT was open. Then I tried a friend's One on my network, and it was open.

I exchanged my One for a new one, and sure enough its NAT is OPEN.

A faulty console was the problem.

For those wondering, I also had the following problems, which Im not sure were connected

  • Couldnt activate achievements whether online or offline.
  • Faulty Kinect. Kept switching off and on.
  • Crap disc drive. often woulddnt recognise discs.
  • Some apps wouldnt work.
  • Couldnt party up.

Hopefully Ive helped someone.


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