street racing game

im looking for a good street racing game but i dont really know what to get people keep suggestion one of the forza games and pgr but i have played those games in the past and they seem more of that simulation style wich i really dont like i want a game that plays like need for speed underground 2 oh and i also want something that has a decent online playerbase as racing offline all the time is boring


games ive found so far

juiced 2 hot import nights - liked the demo no idea what the online playerbase is like

need for speed most wanted - again liked the demo no idea about online playerbase

need for speed undercover - dont know anything about this game

burnout paradise - dont think its really what im looking for


thats all i know of so far if anyone has any usefull info on those games or can suggest any other street racers that would be awsome


1 last thing a mate of mine wants me to get need for speed pro street does anyone know what the online playerbase is like on that??


thanks alot of anyone wants to play some modern warfare 2 or black ops feel free to add me :D


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also just found midnight club LA but know much about that game

Can't really comment on some of the games you listed.

Burnout Paradise is pretty awesome though and had some quality DLC.

Blur might be one to consider, think Mario Kart with real cars.

Also I have just started Split Second because it was only £5 from Argos preowned and I have to say I am really enjoying it. I haven't tried online yet but I would hazard a guess it would be dead.

thanks for the info from what ive seen of burnout it seems most of the fun is in the crashing lol and blur does look good but i dont want all that mario kart stuff i just want racing get back to me on split second

Split Second is enjoyable but not the best game ever made. Bloody frustrating aswell.

I would suggest NFS hot pursuit if you havnt already played it.

yeah i found a demo for split second liked it at first but by the end of the first i was like wow that was anoying lol and yes i used to have hot pursuit wasnt into it thats why im thinking now most wanted or undercover i just dont know what the online playerbase is like for those games

See you went for undercover in the end but thought I would post back here just to let you know about split second online as requested.

I jumped on tonight for an hour or two and the lobbys were constantly full which suprised me tbh. you would however need to put a fair bit of time into the sp to get together some decent cars because it is obvious everyone at the front of the pack was using the same one and even the dlc free car could not match them in as straight line.

Still v.good fun though, well worth the fiver I paid.

yeah went with undercover :) if your into racing games its well worth picking up decent online playerbase thank you very much for getting back to me with the split second info i think ill deffinatly pick that up next time out nothing better than racing online :)

"Midnight Club"!


You want a 'Street Racing' game?


Nothing listed above comes close.


You can get the full version for pretty cheap now too (Comes with the South Central DLC).


Great game.



thanks for that :D i allready went with nfs undercover but im gonna pick up split second based on what the other guy said... whats the online playerbase like on midnight club? might pick that up aswell