Street Fighter Question

Ok, I've always wanted to pick the game up, but seeing as fighters are my weakest point I never bothered. But after recently being really good at Mortal Kombat, I thought I might as well give it a shot.

Now, I know there are 3 versions :

Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition.

Just have a few questions :

I know SSF4 has more content than SF4. I also know that AE has 4 new characters as well. But is AE extra content over SSF4 or just the original? What I'm saying is, if I buy the Arcade Edition am I getting EVERYTHING that has been currently been released from both the original and super version?

Also, are all 3 achiemvent lists seperate? Or are Arcade shared with any?

Hope that made sense!


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Steet fighter is totaly different than MK its more hardcore and the story aint as good sinces its only arcade mode.

I haven't got the game but according to the marketplace, you can buy arcade edition as it is just dlc, so i expect SSF4: AE is the same as SSF4 with that DLC:


SF4 has different achievements to SSF4 and AE has DLC achievements according to trueacchievments.


Hope this helps.

So cheevo wise SF4 has one list, and SSF4/SSF4:AE has another list. So the latter two share.

What about content? Will me buying the retail version give me everything from the other two versions?

SSF4 AE is the most complete version you can get for character set, online features and game balances. The Retail version of SSF4 AE is only £12.99 from Gamestation online

Wow, thats awesomely cheap. Does anyone know what price it is instore at Game/Gamestation?

Edit - It's SSF4 thats 12.99. AE = 24.99.

Best option is to go for SSFIV AE, it is the most complete game out of the three.  You are right about the achievements, one list for SFIV and one for SSFIV and SSFIV AE.


IMO SSFIV (AE) is much better than MK, I am a fan of both games but SFIV AE is far more polished.  While SF may be more "hardcore" than MK, IMO there are far more technical fighters out there (e.g. Tekken 6).

All this talk of SSFIV is making me want to dust the old game down and have an hour or two on it. Is everything on the AE disc, rather than it being a SSFIV disc and codes for the DLC? I'm guessing it'd have to be on the disc. AE makes sense to me fella and the game itself is a bonafide 10/10.

@Price mate is going to be gutted then lol

As for dont play a Street Fighter game for Achievements, its about the game play and old school fighting..IMO

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