Streaming through External?

First of all thanks for taking the time to read this :)  --. I know how to use a 3rd party software on the computer to map a network drive and stream them through a computer shared to the xbox 360. But that challenge is sound now.

Here is the challenge i cannot figure out:

I recently moved all of the equipment and i would rather ( if plausable)  I have a Linksys  E4000 router that i have hooked my external hard drive up to. I am wanting to have my External hooked up to my router and then have my xbox see the external to steam my music and videos. I know nothing about port forwarding and all of that so if that is what is needing to be done ill need some instructions please. 

Does anyone have any ideas about how i could make this happen? Much appreciated in advanced 

Happy gaming!!


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so you have an external harddrive connected to your router and you want to connect to that to stream music?

i dont think it will work, the xbox's networking tools are pretty much limited to computers, plus it needs that 3rd party software.

i mean you cant even plug an external HD straight into the xbox, it just doesnt work (for me anyway)

if you can connect to it on a computer with windows media center and then share it with the xbox like that then i guess that could work.

actually it could work. but there needs to be something that enables it to come up as a source on the xbox...

good luck, i hope you find something, itd be pretty awesome

You will Need a Network Attached Storage Device (NAS), as it is assigned an IP address & communicates or streams Movies or music, like your computer does to your Xbox 360 ..