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As soon as tax refunds started to rain in, I planned on buying an Xbox One. Love all the new features, especially the Kinect. HOWEVER... I just seen where SONY announced they will be offering streaming of old content through the PS4 console.

This sort of makes me want to change my decision on which console I should buy. Even if you hadn't thought of this before, any chances you would implement it in the future? It really is a game-changer in the console market, and could be a good fix for backwards compatibility.


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Streaming games?  So they're running the games on server-side PS3's, and letting you control the game remotely from home.  That does not speak well of response times.  If they're going to do that, why do you even need a PS4?  If they can stream the PS3 content remotely through PS4, then surely they can stream PS4 content remotely through PS3.  There was a product being marketed called PlayOn that offered similar functionality for PC users, boasting that you could play any modern PC game even on an old system without any kind of decent video card, as long as you were capable of viewing the streaming video they'd piped from their servers to your monitor.

I'm still not sold on this technology.  Even if you have incredible internet speeds, there is still an inherent latency between your controller and the actual machine processing those input commands, and then the video being compiled on the remote machine and streamed back to your system, which must then decode the image it has received and relay it to your TV.  Vital milliseconds can make the difference between a good gaming experience, and a shoddy one.  I hope Xbox doesn't attempt the same thing.  Makes me wonder, though... if the streaming thing turns out to work well... would we even still need consoles?  Couldn't we just use the controllers and stream the game content to a PC?

Believe you just hit one reason why some experts belief that the current "next-gen" will be the last generation of consoles.