Streaming Music From Your Phone/MP3/Computer to Xbox One

So, on Xbox 360 there was a music player built in and you could select from what "PC" you wanted to stream your music from and it instantly brought up every audio file that was stored on the device you selected within your home. I took advantage of this music playing system with my iPhone and not by hooking it up to my 360 via USB, because that didn't work, but by setting my iPhone up as a WiFi enabled device. I used an app called "SyncStream" and this allowed my 360 to pick up my iPhone like it had it's own domain name on music player on the 360 just like the it could pickup the PCs in my home network. I could then select my iPhone and everything that was neatly organized on my iPhone's Music was instantly transferred over; Playlists, Genres, Artists, etc. I would then select what playlist I wanted to play from and shuffle on to mix the tracks while I play a game and the music would play in the background. If i wanted to change the song that was playing I could bring up the menu with the Xbox button and hit next or play another playlist.


So here is my question. I want this feature ported over to Xbox One

Solution 1: I don't know it Xbox One has Bluetooth within the system that can be unlocked in an update, but if so this would be the easiest and best of all solutionsas instead of going through the hassle of navigating the system to find what Music I wanted to play from my iPhone I could just use my iPhone as a controller so to speak and select the songs/playlists and shuffle/repeat all I want because the Xbox One would just act as a Bluetooth pickup to  find my Bluetooth enabled device and play the music through the speakers on my TV., But you shouldn't make it to where only one device can be Bluetooth enabled but at least 5 at once (if possible)and I say this for the sole reason of gaming headset that use Bluetooth. This also eliminates the snap app and allows me to access music while playing the game in full screen because I am using my iPhone to select the music. But to integrate this into Xbox One, if Bluetooth is within the system, these devices can be managed within system settings under a new panel called "Manage Bluetooth Devices or Bluetooth Devices"


Solution 2: this solution is an understatement to the first one seeing as the the 360 had its own music player as stated in the main paragraph. this feature should be ported to Xbox One, so music can be played while navigating Xbox One or doing anything on Xbox One for that matter via Playing a game. This solution is a "Plan B"because it takes everything from the main paragraph and basically ports it to the Xbox One, but as you can tell from reading it requires an app to use, but believe the SmartGlass app could overcome this as it is Microsoft owned and could be used across all devices that have SmartGlass. This would allow SmartGlass to access the music stored on your phone in all there organized glory, which meaning you can navigate all your stored music and find it with ease as you would on your phone.


The first solution is the one for me but I left this open ended for two solutions, I just pick Solution 1 because it seems the fastest not only for the development team but for consumers as well, seeing how almost everyone has a phone and they use that phone as an MP3 player. All their music is already stored and organized and ready to go, all that is needed is a device to pick up their Bluetooth signal and play the sound.  This also eliminates going on different paths to get to the music through different applications that is already in one place on your device.


Let's make this happen

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Microsoft does not allow this currently on the Xbox One.  They removed a key feature from the 360 and wouldnt address the question before launch day.  If they would have I would have cancelled my pre-order and went for a PS4 and waited on the Xbox one.

The simple way it just add an app that lets me stream to my Xbox one, whether its video or audio like the Xbox 360 had.

They could do this anytime they want but I dong think they actually care, I was told by support to get a music pass subscription so I could listen to music.

Yeah, this is pretty sucky for me.  I loved playing sports games while listening to my tunes.  Can't do that now.  Really disappointing.  I actually avoided the PS4 because of this.  Had I known One wasn't gonna do it, I'd not have purchased.

Am I the only one who said, Oh well, I'll just turn my Phone on, when these features were announced missing?

If you have a headset just stream to it instead

I don't want to listen to my music from the speaker on my iPhone, I want it to come out of the 10 speaker system I have hooked to my TV.  I also want it to mute or pause at times when there is a cutscene or dialog.  

Turns out that is the exact feature set that the 360 LAUNCHED with.  And it worked awesome.  For most games I don't care, because you have dialog or other stuff going constantly and the music isn't as important.

But know where it was REALLY nice?  Playing driving games, like say Forza 5.  I miss it, and want it back.  I don't want this snap garbage eating up part of my screen for audio only content either, make it work like it did before.  

It is one glaring frustrating annoying problem in a system that has otherwise been fantastic and rock solid for me.  

A big selling point of the xbox one is the all in one entertianment center.  Without the ability to import my songs and playlist like i do to my 360.

To those giving "oh well", "use a headset" etc .. that defeats the purpose.

Ill give an example.  I like to keep misic on at dinner time,  I put my consoles through surround sound into the entire house at this time.  Since the xbox one is the center of my entertainment system and that is what they want ot be ... it needs to be supported.  I honestly dont have hte space for much more.... (I love this thing but its HUGE).

As of now I cant use anythign in my library... on my xbox one.  I also used to use my iphone in the same manner.

the xbox can't do this so imma buy a ps4!!! ppl scream "oh wait it can't do it either" *facepalm*

I agree and because of this the xbox one isnt my "all in one entertainment center" its just  my gaming center and I will do nothing on it but game...movies,music,tv all will be done on dedicated devices.  I will keep my xbox 360 and stream off of it until a) they release apps to do it on the xbox one or b) I decide to buy a device such as wd live or upgrade my tv to a "smart" one.  

Amen. My thoughts exactly. One of the reasons I sold my ps3. - no background music like on the 360. You can't unsnap xbox music and still listen to it. I don't want to take steps BACKWARDS MS.

It's a shame that Microsoft still takes the "we know what's best for you" approach to this issue. They say this is the console of the future but in reality there are alot of things I absolutely love about my Xbox 360 that I can't do on my Xbox one. Being able to stream my favorite music from my computer or phone was great and free and I showed my thanks to Xbox by buying more games and movies on Xbox live now with the Xbox one i feel the exact opposite. I shouldn't have to pay money for something I would get for free before.

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