Store/Pins - No Connection?


I've got a slightly annoying Xbox One issue. Whenever I switch on my console, I have no Store or Pins. I'm online, my friends list works and I can play multiplayer but all my Store/Pins say is "Having trouble connecting?"

Now, if i hold the power button on the console to do a full reset, it all works fine until I boot the console up for a second time at which point I have no Store or Pins again.

Like I say, everything else works. My NAT is open and I'm slowly running out of ideas.

Any ideas guys?


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Not sure I'll be much help.

I've seen a few report this issue so it's not just you mate.

Are you connected wired or wireless? I've seen a few say when they switched to wired from wireless it cured it.

I've also seen someone mention when they hard reset the console they completely unplugged the power lead from the console for 5 minutes, it didn't cure it completely but it did stop it happening for about a week or so.

If you've tried the above then I'm not sure what else to suggest but again, it isn't just you.

Good luck.

I had to go back to wireless to fix a 'strict Nat' issue.

Tis odd indeed.

Rather than pull cables do this.

Settings > Network > Advanced > MAC Address > Reset

Restart and your Pins and Store will be back (for a while anyway)