Storage space idea

Sorry if this idea has come up before but I was thinking with storage space at a premium on the Xbox one wouldn't it be an idea if we could delete the single player campaign and just leave multiplayer ?

I've completed cod aw campaign and won't play it again but I still like to play online now and again and the game is over 50gb so anyway to reduce that surely is a good idea?

Or am I missing something blatantly obvious where this wouldn't be possible?


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good question ..

I'm guessing it depends on how big the game engine is ?

not sure if the game engine is the bulk of the game and if the single player scene's are just scripted pulling/rendering objects as and when needed and all ready part of the game engine it's self ? you would still need the maps for online and of cause the game engine its self.

so how much of the bulk the campaign part takes up wouldn't know ... just a guess which could be totally wrong lol

just buy an external for a buck or so and use it that way....  or do what some others do.. delete the games you no longer play... will I ever play peggle 2 or D4 again??  probably not... guess what DELETE

An external hard yes is probably the way forward but that's not the point.....

Deleting the game isn't the way forward as I said I like to play online now and again but I'm hardly going to delete a 50gb game and then wait for it to reinstall when I fancy a quick game of cod....

Personally I think the option should be there and I can't see why it shouldn't be?