stopping protocol 10(possible spoilers)

iv just started this mission can any one tell me roughly how much more of the main story line iv got to do bfore i finish it? how how long do you reckon?


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A long shot left depending on how much you have done.  You continue the game after it has completed so you can 100% it.  Its up to you i supose whether you want to do all the side missions, riddler trophies etc.

Little bit hard to say as they say that quite alot throughout the game. Without posting spoilers so you don't spoil it for the rest, what boss have you got to? PM me or at least make sure you warn people that a spoiler will be below.

Nothing worse than a game being spoilt for you.

A bit difficult to answer when you don't mention what game your talking about.

Arkham City, and Even after stopping protocol 10 there is a tiny bit left, and then you have all side missions etc.

When Protocol 10 finally kicks in, it does spell the start of the final run for the main story of the game but there is still quite a chunk of it left to do, so depends if you just focus on doing that as quick as you can, but its totally worth sticking through..and yes you can carry on the other side missions once the main story is done