Stolen Xbox: Microsoft not willing to help for a fee.

Please allow me to vent. Some thieves broke into my house and stole my Xbox 360. The police contacted Microsoft because my gamer-tag was being used on my stolen console. Microsoft sent an email with an attachment of a Zip file to the detective on the case. The zip had ISP addresses. The zip file could not be opened without a password, which was given as well; however, it would not open. Microsoft suggested a utility which my police department had to pay $50 to own. This still did not work. So the detective emailed again, and Microsoft said they will send a hardcopy of the ISPs for $75. (It seems that Microsoft is trying to get as much money as they can.) I will end the story here. I am ticked at MS. I was going to buy the new Gears of War 3 console when it came out (Sept. 20) regardless if the police were going to get my old system or not. But I don't want to give any more money to MS. I really want to play, but I will just pick up a new hobby, I guess.

I logged onto my account via Internet. The thieves get log on using my console. How great. I know I can change the password and all that, but I want them to be caught red-handed. Will Microsoft help?


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Change your password NOW!

You will be able to recover your account. Did Xbox Support open an unauthorised access case for you?

Sounds like MS are helping, although at a cost. They have already supplied the information, although for some reason it cant be accessed.

There are a few problems with this story,

1st of all Microsoft would NOT give out ISP addresses by e-mail, anyone can call and say they are the Police and try to get someones ISP, that is a security breach in itself.

also the police do NOT call Microsoft, YOU do, its your account and Microsoft will ONLY deal with the account owner, they would tell you to open a new account, and they would shut down the old one, Microsoft would do the investgating on the old account. and take the appropiate legal action. you can however give the officers contact info to xbox customer support.

if microsoft catches the thevies then they would then contact your officer

@timekill your wrong buddy! I'm trying to become a police officer right now and few of my buddies who are police officers have contacted MS and have gotten ISP and gotten peoples xboxs back! The guy had his xbox stolen and they could be buying MS points with his credit card so it because the investigators job to call MS tell them whats going on also and try to get the last Ip that xbox or gamer tag signed on and by law MS has to! and trust me MS would know fake cop from a real one! for one they could call from the police station and all MS would have to do is call back and confirm with the chief of police whats going on! @Joe all you need to do is go to a friends house recover your gamer tag that is on your stolen xbox then turn around change your windows live password and then delete your gamer tag off your friends xbox! This will stop them from using your account or using any of your credit cards for ms points!

Timekill X, for where did you get your information? One will call Xbox Live (XBL) and they will only tell you to change the password which would be smarter than buying a whole new account. I do not want to change my password; that would not be smart as this will be cutting the link from the thieves. This case has been going one for almost 3 months, and MS just contacted my detectives. Yes, I did call XBL to take off my credit card information off my account since they could very easily charge my credit. XBL also said to just talk to the police (well, duh). They gave me no other information. So I did some research (you have to dig deep in real forums ) and found out what I needed to do. This information was not known by the police and I had to give it to them (Internet search "Microsoft Spy Guide" to learn the details). Microsoft (MS) will not personally deal with customers in such legal matters. As for giving out information, MS will have to receive a subpena for the police, and the zip file that was sent as an email attachment is password protected from what I think would be a decent secure line (MS Security|a police station).Timekill X, stop assuming.

Patience is a virtue. I am not desperate to play on line.  Luckily, my gold account was expired two days before. So they are using the sliver account to download demos. I am keeping the link alive while the investigation is going on. I am hoping they use a CC to use as more evidence against them. Internet search "Microsoft Spy Guide" to learn more details. I figured you will find it informational. Thanks for the help.

Patience is a virtue. I am not desperate to play on line.  Luckily, my gold account was expired two days before. So they are using the sliver account to download demos. I am keeping the link alive while the investigation is going on. I am hoping they use a CC to use as more evidence against them. I am not sure what "unauthorised access case" might be. I told Xbox Live my situation and they told me to just change the password. And they made a note about it, but said noting else. I had to do my own research. Thank you for the help.

Even if they catch the person using your Xbox now, they may not be the same people who actually stole your Xbox.

As your account was only silver and you cancelled the credit card with MS so no further charges would be accrued, there really isn't a lot more you can do, apart from let it go.

If you want to reclaim your gamertag, you still will be able to do that.

I'm sorry for your misfortune, but as this happened months ago, it is very unlikely that you will get the justice you seek.

Again, patience is a virtue.This investigation still on going and even if it is slow there is some progress. I could just change my password and jump into my account. But why. So I can start gaming right away on my old tag? What if Odysseus revealed his identity once he came home. He would have not killed all of his wife's suitors What you are stressing are only possibilities. It is not time to let it go.