Stolen Xbox 360 Slim ?? *NewGuyHere*

Hey all :) new to the forums.. Had a question to ask..

Say my 360 was stolen, i have all the info to it, contacted the local police an pawn shops.. But was wondering, if there was someone else i could contact to submit it was stolen in case they ever went online with it, possible that it could be tracked ?? Apple can do it, does Microsoft ?? Thanks guys n gals.


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Need help with this also, same situation. if they try to have it repaired and its a system i have under my account will microsoft send it back to me? we need help here.

Exactly, my warranty will end soon. I would love to have this handled before its too late... My system is registered to me, any online activity should have been watched or tracked, just tell me the address that its at and ill handle the rest lol

As long as you have contacted your local authorities, they will have the means to contact Microsoft and get that ball rolling. In the end, it is completely up to your local police to initiate this process.


Well honestly my local authorities are a waist of time, space an money... Looks like i'm going to have to get down and dirty to get it back...

I had my xbox stolen a couple of years ago,

I phoned xbox with my details as the console was registered to me, and asked them to "Brick" my console! No such luck

the guy who robbed my house, addmitted it in an xbox live party, I recorded his voice, photographed the party screen and handed it to the police!

All I got was a visit from a constable 3 weeks later, just to confirm "yes, you have been burgled!"

Microsoft really need to do something to help it paying customers, even if requesting them to "Brick" our own consoles was allowed!

Yea this is pretty pathetic, Sony, Apple, Nintendo, any other company would break backs to get you help.. Microsoft obviously does not care about its customers.

Do you have the console serial number? That's is one easy way to track it, seeing that the police and Microsoft are willing to peruse it.

Yes i have the serial number, box and receipt.. Yet Microsoft wont help, whats up with that.