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  I am here to state the fact that xbox live has poor service when it comes to being compatible with all internet services, instead of being so closed minded into not fixing the servers for everybodys well being, They instead tell you to open some ports? This is an outrage as we all pay a yearly service fee to just use xboxlive, and have routers that connect to the internet normally with high download/ upload speeds to still appear with moderate or strict nat. It seems everytime i want to play i have to restart my router, My router works just fine I shouldnt have to open ports and or waste my time ,That Is your job in the first place, I mean when I play my playstation 3 i don't put up with anything like this in any case, and I dont even have playstation plus which I find hillarious. In conclusion Nobody's router is faulty xboxlive simply doesn't want to improve server compatibility in anymeans possible and I'm for one am sick and tired of resetting my router everytime I want to play a simple game, so seeing as ps3 is compatilbe with my router everytime I access the internet with an open nat I switch systems and find my nat for xbox360 is closed it makes no sense. This service should provide a quick and easy way to access to xboxlive without wasting 5minutes of my time everytime i want to play all that time adds up and im sick of it, improve your servers nobody should have to open ports to access the servers, it's a worldwide run system and a brandon new router that I just recieved cant connect to xbox right away'and i have to best plan for my ISP I should connect just fine i'm starting to think that the staff at microsoft just don't seem to care about customers in a sense that they make the consumer do more work just to use this below par network I'd suggest you fix the problems with your servers as soon as possible, I am not the only one fed up with this.

P.s instead of telling people to open ports why dont you make your network more accessable where people shouldn't have to do what we pay YOU to do in the first place


another P.s My internet service provider is called rogers high speed internet- router- Cisco-DPC3825


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Hello, I'm definitely sorry to hear that there's been a bad experience when trying to connect to LIVE.  We want everything engineered for our customers to have the easiest time possible connecting and enjoying their games.  However, the kinds of issues you are describing have to do with the way the network hardware and software are set up within the home- that's outside of our control, I'm afraid.  But it does sound like you have a good connection from the home to LIVE though your ISP, so once we do get everything set up properly, it sounds like there will be a very smooth experience.  Can you let us know what you've tried already?  We're happy to work with you to make sure that everything is set up properly and get you back on LIVE.

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