still not unbanned after 11/02/12 waited couple of hours

ok so got banned last night for bio issues and it says i would of been unbanned today and im still not after several hours help! thanks


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What time did you get banned. Did you even read in your last post where I wrote

A ban will be lifted at the same time it was enforced. so if you were suspended at 10pm the ban wont be lifted until 10pm on the day the suspension ends

[quote user="i AM LedGe Modz"]ok so got banned last night for bio issues[/quote]Yeah... people say that when they've managed to get themselves permanently banned. They then go and fill their profiles with something offensive and receive a suspension. The ban wins out over the suspension.


You could try asking about your suspension in forum 14 - My LIVE account was suspended.

What colour is the skin under that spartan armour

i like how he won the online championships on fight night 4 while offline.

Didnt even notice that. Yeah I would post in the suspension forums posted above to check your account is not a permanent suspension