still black ops cheaters not banned !!!!!!!!!!!!!

ive been playing black ops for years  now and still there are people that clearly cheat...these players are reported and still nothing happens ...all they do is appaire offline and nothing much for code inforcement .......i was kicked offline for saying i was going to hac!!!!!! never did   !!!!!!!! and clearly the real cheaters still play  online..........    guess bootblack is doing a good job sitting at his desk drinking coffee and playing  games allday.......  why dont you do your job and look at kicking off the real cheaters.... to start....    [Removed by Moderator]      [Removed by Moderator]             these gamers have admidded they cheat yet still play...   go going code enforcment!!!!!!!!!!!  thanks hippie


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Funny...but I keep getting into lobbies where people aren't cheating. Must be just dumb luck.

Last time I played BLOPS 2 this guy was clearly cheating, he kept shooting me with a gun

I hate it when they do that. Guns are such hax!