Stereo Headset Adapter issues/compatability

I recently bought the X1 Stereo Headset Adapter to use with my Turtle Beach X41. I was not able to get the chat to work with it. Has anyone else had this issue or got their X41 chat to work?


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I use the X41's , and they work perfectly fine with the adaptor , did you do the controller update prior to using them ?

Ya I updated both of my controllers.

I had the X41 on with the chat cord plugged into the headset, then the adapter cord, and finally to the stereo headset adapter. I was in a chat with friends and couldn't get the chat sound to work. I previously used my phone earphone buds with a mic and that seemed to work.

Maybe a bit of tinkering with the buttons on the adaptor , I'm constantly faffing around with the volume controls on both the adaptor and the Headset trying to get a happy medium , game sound can really drown out chat while playing TitanFall .

Ya will definitely be fiddling around some more. I'm sure no sound was being picked up my the system. In the party chat snap screen the little green circle that changes color when someone is speaking never lite up.

Yeah , me and me mates get these issues on a regular basis , usually happens when accepting game and party invites , so what we do to resolve it is to back out of game and party and then re-join via the friends list . Hope you get it sorted .

I just wish they could have brought over the easiness of the 360 party chat stuff. I know we will get there but its been so glitchy.