Stephen Elop?

facepalm. is Xbox finished?


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Where did that come from?

The media is well known to stir poo when it comes to this and at least 90% of gamers will disregard that nonsense.


Stephen Elop sells Xbox away from Microsoft. There was interview last year, where he told that. Directors board and share holders are dumb people, if they appoint this guy for new CEO of Devices & Studios. Why CEO and rest of the board are people that know nothing about gaming. Numbers are "the only thing" not the product itself. If you thought Don Mattrick sucked, this guy really stinks. What´s wrong with Julie Larson-Green? Beauty of monster corporation, they have cared your opinion since never.

Who? The dude that helped run Nokia into the gutter. The dude rumored to want to kill off or spin off the Xbox brand if made now actually IN CHARGE of that brand (among other things). A dude that has probably never held a controller in his hands ever and probably thinks gaming is for children...

Not impressed with Satya Nadella thus far. You delegate to people that are supposed to know something...

Why not an ex-developer? Why not an ex-publisher? Why not a gaming industry insider? Why not Major Nelson? Major is one hard-working SOB. He's there taking punches for MS every single day. He works the blogs, the podcasts, the trade shows. He's a good guy with a respectable gamerscore. He's probably heard every single complaint about 360 and One that you could imagine and probably would be a good man tapped to fix those problems...Why is that to much to ask? Sanity.

Peter Molyneux being put in charge of something-er-other in Europe was a decision that at least had the semblance of some kind of sense years ago. Not sure if it helped or hurt ultimately but at least he was developer and a good one. He was a cheer leader.

They should put this Elop dude in charge of Windows Phone sub-division only (at most) not the whole devices division...Not the Xbox...

The Xbox brand is playing catch up now. Reversing idiotic policies they probably spent months or years developing...Doing sales on dead carcass 5+ year old software. Running on fumes and getting killed in the press.

My own Xbox One is a piece of garbage. Killer Instinct forces me to back out 2 or 3 times before it will actually start. My Xbox One game save of Tomb Raider is completely corrupt post-update. Game won't work. There's literally NO benefit or justification for a paid LIVE service for One users. People don't see the million servers MS has running in the background (if that's how they are justifying continuing to charge customers for it). People expect you to already have those things worked out as a tech giant...It would appear almost no games will ever be able to achieve 1080p on One. Most of the 360 apps or functionality is still missing on the One as they desperately try to patch it up post launch (that is at least I hope that's what they're doing -- they really haven't said)...

And they put this reverse-Midas-touch guy in charge or something he probably doesn't even own or understand? It's a sinking ship with a lot of holes at this point...And they just put a guy in charge that has never set foot on a boat in his life....

Jesus and I thought Don Mattrick was bad, how can they employ a guy to be incharge of a Division that he wanted get rid of.  

I'm sorry, I still have no idea who that is? Must not be that important...

Yeah, i think Major Nelson is the best option to be CEO of xbox. He what gaming is all about, that should be told to board of directors. Elop can keep his windows phone and go down with it. So sad for Nokia, they hired Microsofts guy for CEO who sold whole thing to old employer practically free. And Microsoft hired him again. That phone is like Xbox one, doomed. I have both consoles and PS4 is far more better. Sink Elop, sink!

LostKauz:  Should get you up to speed.  In short he's going to be over the Xbox division.

I think what everyone's concern is by his statements in the past regarding Xbox.  Stating that if he were CEO he'd sell off the Xbox division.  Not to mention he was the CEO of Nokia which went from top player in the mobile phone market to a steadily declining market share and lack luster phone sales.  

He was with MS in the past and left them to go work for Nokia.  He was over their Office suites.  Hopefully he'll do right by the Xbox brand and not try to find a way to get rid of the Xbox brand.

Interesting.. You would hope that they would put someone who likes the Xbox brand in charge. 

Bye bye Xbox. Nice knowing ya.

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